Most corporate actions can be done without a lawyer. The steps for doing things like recording minutes, issuing shares, transferring interests, declaring dividends or distributions, approving agreements, appointing managers, officers and directors, approving powers of attorney and holding the required annual meeting are outlined in your company documents. To do them correctly only requires attention, diligence and knowledge. We provide these services to you at minimal costs.

First, we help you organize your records. Your account manager treats your records and information confidentially and loads them onto the online minute book where only you and those you authorize have access to them. We organize your information and keep it updated so that you have the key pieces available to you when you need them. We even provide a basic registry for your company's stock or LLC interests. You can depend on us.

Then, when you need to take an action, whether it is right away or in a year, we will be ready to help. Because we manage your files electronically, including the approvals and signatures, our costs are minimal, and you only incur them if and when you ask us to do something. In the meanwhile, your minute book is online, organized and up-to-date.

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