Corporate Documents

The Corporate Documents tool in AfterIncorporation is an organizational roadmap for your company. Here, you can post your most important corporate records in a way that is consistent with the structure in which your LLC or corporation operates.

This tool is more than a simple online storage room. It is your roadmap to making sure that your LLC or corporation has the documents required to operate properly from a corporate law perspective. As we have said before, it is easy to register an LLC or corporation by filing the public formation documents. What is harder is being sure you have all the LLC documents and corporate documents you need. Without the right agreements and records in place, it may not be clear who has what rights in your LLC or corporation and who is authorized to act on behalf of the company.

Another purpose to having your company's key documents posted to the tool in After Incorporation is to make them available to the people who need access to them. The alternatives of breaking out a dusty record book or looking through that stack old papers in your drawer are other ways to go, just not the best way. Foremost, these people would include your partners and shareholders. It also includes directors (if you have a corporation) or your managers (if you have an LLC). It can even include your accountant, lawyer, financial manager and other trusted advisors who need access to your records, or potential lenders or investors who want to perform due diligence on your company. The important thing is that you control who has access to your corporation or LLC's records.

After Incorporation's Corporate Documents tool is organized intuitively and in a manner that informs. It includes the following subsections:

There are also sections for Financing Documents, Lease Agreements, Powers of Attorney, Deeds & Titles, Permits & Licenses, Company Policies, Notices and any other subject area that you find helpful to separate out.

It takes a little time and organization on the front end, but using the After Incorporation tools will pay huge dividends going forward.

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