What We Do

We host your documents online.

This means you can access your business information from anywhere. You can share it with others inside and outside of the business as you chose. You don’t have to come to them. They don’t have to come to you. Everyone you chose has access.

All of your business information is organized and in one place.

Your documents are always organized for you in a way that is convenient for you, your partners and investors and your accountants and lawyers. Your director and officer information and investor information is organized an up to date. It will save you time and money.

Minutes of Meetings are created online and approved on line.

Minutes all in one step Our online Minutes of Meetings tool helps you draft minutes and send an email to those that need to approve of the minutes all in one step. Approval is tracked and received by email.

Forms and Resources are organized and available online at no extra charge.

Samples and forms for common tasks required to run a small business are provided.