Our Services
  • Preparation of minutes
  • Organize your corporate records
  • Free online minute book

Do you need to change your company's officers or directors?

Do you lack official minutes for your meetings?

Are share transfers properly documented?

Let us handle all your company’s corporate needs for a modest, fixed annual price.

Legal Entity Management
Legal Entity Management
Our trained paralegals organize your corporate documents and let you know if you are missing anything. We keep you up to date with your annual filings and other approvals and keep your minute book in order.
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Free Online Minute Book
Free Online Minute Book
Your documents will be hosted on our online minute book where you control access, and a summary of your corporate information is always at your fingertips. Try out the electronic voting feature!
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Low Price Model
Low Price Model
Here is the good part. Our online model lets us provide most services for just a few dollars. You only pay when you use us, and the online minute book is always free of charge.
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"We went in together on a vacation property, and we use a holding company to share ownership and facilitate renting to third parties. To stay organized, we host our company on After Incorporation."

Kim, Sheree, George and Shareen

"Like a lot of professionals, I use an LLC to protect my family's future. I don't want there to be any doubt that I have followed the corporate formalities. I host my company on After Incorporation."

Klint Keller, DDS

"My business is designing the cutest hand-bags around. There's just me, and so I don't have a lot of time to spend on administration. I host my company on After Incorporation."

Tiffany Jenkins, Owner of Tinyseamstress LLC