"We knew we were supposed to keep a minute book, but we didn’t know how. After Incorporation does it for us."

Keeping minutes and organizing your corporate records is required in order to maintain limited liability. Let After Incorporation be your ONLINE minute book. With After Incorporation you can:

Create Minutes Easily
Catch up on Corporate Approvals you Should Have Done in Prior Years
Satisfy Bank Requirements for Opening Accounts
Hold Your Annual Meeting Online
Appoint Officers
Issue Powers of Attorney
Organize Your Corporate Records Online
Bring in New Investors
Declare Dividends
Approve Loans
And Much More
We do it for you

We are with you every step of the way. As soon as you sign up for the free trial, you will be put in touch with one of our representatives to start organizing your current records and setting up your online minute book. We’ll remind you when you are behind on your minutes, and we’ll help you use the tools. Don’t worry. This is going to be easy.

We are focused on small businesses. On top of our minute book services, After Incorporation gives you standard legal and business forms you need for your small business. And our secure sharing allows you to share your corporate information as may be appropriate with your partners, investors, accountants and lawyers.

Still Need to Form Your Company?

After Incorporation is where corporations and LLCs go after they incorporate to maintain their corporate records and stay in compliance. But if you have not yet formed your company, see our state-by-state, free formation resources to make the basic filings with your state to incorporate or form your LLC. Then come back to After Incorporation to generate the ongoing documentation you need to stay in compliance.

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What our tools can do for your business

Corporate Documents Tool
Corporate Documents
The Corporate Documents tool in AfterIncorporation is an organizational roadmap for your company. Here, you can post your most important corporate records in a way that is consistent with the structure in which your LLC or corporation operates...
Corporate Management Tool
Corporate Management
The Corporate Management tool puts key information about your company’s management team at your fingertips. These include things like their titles and the scope of their authority...
Investor Holdings
Investor Holdings
An up to date listing of who owns what., what options have been granted and a roadmap for a K-1, dividend distributions or just letting everyone know where they stand in terms of their investment...
Online Minutes Tool
Corporate Minutes
Minutes of meetings are the written record of corporate approvals and activities. If the action was not authorized and recorded, from the perspective of an outsider, it did not happen...
"We went in together on a vacation property, and we use a holding company to share ownership and facilitate renting to third parties. To stay organized, we host our company on After Incorporation."

Kim, Sheree, George and Shareen

"Like a lot of professionals, I use an LLC to protect my family's future. I don't want there to be any doubt that I have followed the corporate formalities. I host my company on After Incorporation."

Klint Keller, DDS

"My business is designing the cutest hand-bags around. There's just me, and so I don't have a lot of time to spend on administration. I host my company on After Incorporation."

Tiffany Jenkins, Owner of Tinyseamstress LLC