Corporate Management

The Corporate Management tool puts key information about your company's management team at your fingertips. These include things like their titles and the scope of their authority. After all, these are the individuals that your LLC or corporation has authorized to act on its behalf, and clarity as to who they are and what authority they have is key. The old fashioned approach is to scratch your head and try to remember who had what title, then consult the dusty record book. That is one approach. A better approach is to have an accessible listing using the After Incorporation tool.

The Corporate Management tool lists titles, dates of appointment, biographies, contact information and more. There is a notes section for including comments regarding authority levels or any other matter.

An example for when having accessible a listing of corporate management is useful is when signing documents. The whole point to running your business through a corporation or LLC is to protect you from personal liability. Incredibly, this can all be thrown away if you are not careful about how you sign documents. Let's say a major vendor pushes an invoice in front of you, and you simply sign your name on the dotted line. The question arises: in what capacity did you just sign, on behalf of your company or on your personal behalf? It may seem obvious what you intended, but you have left yourself open to a lot of second-guessing, and potentially liability when the vendor decides to sue. As such, the smart thing is to sign using your proper title for the purpose you are signing for. The corporate management tool keeps this information at your fingertips.

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