Pennsylvania LLC Record Keeping Requirements

Pennsylvania enacted its LLC statute in 1994. The statute is referred to as the Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company Law of 1994. It can be found at 15 Pa. Cons. Stat. sec 8901 et seq.

There are no specific statutory record keeping or information retention provisions of the Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company Law of 1994. That does not mean that records and information do not need to be maintained, just that the statute does not shed any light on the subject.

Best Practices for Record Keeping for a Pennsylvania LLC

The following records should be kept by any Pennsylvania LLC.

Location of Records
Because the LLC Law is silent as to records retention a safe bet would be to keep a copy of records and information at the registered business office.

Form of Records
The documents and records may be maintained either in hard copy or electronically, as long as the electronic version can be printed within a reasonable period of time.

Other Records
The above records are just the documents and records that are required to be kept as to the form of business. Many other records, for example records required to prepare tax returns, records required to be kept on employees, etc., are also required to be kept by an LLC, just as they are required for businesses operating in other forms.

The After Incorporation Tools
After Incorporation's tools are specifically designed to aid companies to comply with these requirements. Using our tools, your records are not only organized properly, but they can easily be made available to your Members and others required to be given access under these laws. You will also find the forms and templates you need to create the documentation to meet these requirements.